Artist: Samy Charnine


( Now I think sea is a complicated place to be…)

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Samy Charnine 

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The 3rd Gate: Captioned “The lost word keeps the secret”, a pilgrim on his path encounters a towered bridge crossing a river. A cherub in the clouds, with a quiver slung over his shoulder, aims his bow and arrow down on the path leading up to the near side of the bridge.

AT: There is only one arrow in the bow and none in the quiver (pictured here).
LCF: There are two arrows, one in the bow and another in the quiver


La mejor de todas las recomendaciones no-bíblicas comprobada experimentalmente por mi.

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The 4th Gate: A jester looking character stands before a maze in a fool’s twin peaked hat. He walks with a stick on his right side — his left leg straight, his right leg crooked. While the entrance is shut, the exit is open in one engraving and bricked up in another. Three gambling dice lay on the path before him: The dice add up to three but the visible sides of each die adds up to six. Three (playing by the rules) vs “666″. Three is god’s perfect number, and “666″ is a biblical reference to the devil, a fallen angel. Remember the first gate’s caption regarding playing by the rules?

AT: The maze’s exit archway is bricked up. 
LCF: The maze’s exit is open (pictured here).


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